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26 Aug 2011
Assets invested in emerging market hedge funds are worth $123bn, with Middle East-based hedge funds showing cautious gains, according to Hedge Fund Research (HFR)
13 Jun 2011
The Mena region’s hedge fund industry is all but non-existent, but those who are driving the alternative investment market see enormous potential for future growth. Alternative investments specialist GulfMena is at the cutting edge of the sector’s development, and CEO Haissam Arabi explains why normalising hedging techniques could boost the region’s investment prospects
3 Dec 2010
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Risk appetite has returned and understanding risen to a point where Mena investors are prepared to take the leap back into hedge funds, according to Mahmoud Al-Khawaja, CEO of Capintro Partners
3 Dec 2010
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Investors turning to emerging markets
20 Oct 2009
DE Shaw’s arrival at the DIFC comes as a timely boost to Mena’s already nascent hedge fund market
20 Oct 2009
Mema and emerging market hedge funds are leading the industry’s recovery from the depths of 2008, according to Hedge Fund Research's Ken Heinz
17 Sep 2009
Shariah-compliant and Mena hedge funds could see a boost in AUM after Eid, according to Eric Meyer, CEO of Shariah Capital – a US-based Islamic hedge fund specialist