8 Dec 2011
Global index providers have entered talks with Saudi Arabia’s Tadawul as rumours mount that the market is ready to open to foreign investors
16 Aug 2011
For more than a year the financial centres of Qatar and the UAE have been implementing strategic changes in the hope of winning MSCI’s coveted emerging market status. But the decision has now been held back until December prompting mixed feelings on what this means for Mena
12 Aug 2011
Russell’s Global Index has upgraded the UAE from frontier to emerging market status, and S&P Indices is likely to follow suit, Mena FM has learned
15 Jul 2011
Investors are stalling on the UAE and Qatar until MSCI reaches a decision on reclassification, according to industry sources.
23 May 2011
Qatar is one of the most exciting investment destinations in the world, with a thriving LNG-based economy, a World Cup coming up and emerging market status on the horizon. So why is there such a dearth of locally based fund managers?
20 Apr 2011
European pension funds are bearish on Mena, but may reallocate to the region if the UAE and Qatar win emerging markets status from the MSCI indices
29 Mar 2011
Egypt, MSCI, News
Egypt’s stock exchange has avoided being downgraded from the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, but market volatility continues to threaten funds with Egypt exposure.
3 Dec 2010
Amrith Mukkamala, director, asset allocation/advisory, Kuwait and Middle East Financial Investment Company, looks at the effects of Saudi Arabia being removed from the MSCI indices
18 Sep 2009
MSCI, News, Saudi Arabia, Tadawul
Mena fund managers have lent their support to index provider MSCI Barra over its ongoing dispute with Tadawul, despite fears that MSCI may be forced to cease calculating its Saudi indices