Morgan Creek in new Mena search

16 Nov 2011
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Multi-billion dollar US investment advisor Morgan Creek Capital Management has begun a new search for Mena-based fund managers, Mena FM can reveal. CEO Mark Yusko confirmed that the firm is actively looking to expand its exposure in the region, and said he is keen to meet fund managers with in-depth Mena knowledge.

“We like start-ups; emerging talent that has done it someplace before,” he told Mena FM. “They want to take a little risk and are a little bit hungrier and focused. “We think people manage money, not institutions, and are more interested in the entrepreneurial guys or gals that get out and do it on their own than big institutional managers.”
The $9.6bn investment advisor has invested in Mena in the past,  but pulled back a couple of years ago due to concerns regarding valuations, according to Yusko. “Now valuation looks pretty attractive and the fact other people are selling because they are worried about all the turmoil makes us a little more interested,” he added.
Morgan Creek provides investment management and advisory services based on the University Endowment Model of investing to wealthy families, individuals and institutional investors. It has around 4,000 manager interactions each year and takes a 15-16% exposure towards emerging markets in its public portfolio, and approximately 20% in its private portfolio.