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19 Jan 2012
Much has been made of local investors’ reluctance to invest in local fund managers. Mena FM asks investors why they look past the region and what local managers can do to change their minds
9 Jan 2012
With strong banking and private equity sectors, Lebanon’s niche markets are good bets for long-term investment. But does Lebanon have what it takes to be Mena’s next major finance hub?
3 Jan 2012
The Arab Spring has the potential to reshape the Mena fund industry – but will this change be for the better? A visit to Egypt suggests there will be more to the recovery than the expansion of the local financial industry
12 Dec 2011
Discretionary portfolios now represent around two thirds of all assets under management. This growth is good news for the industry, but with Mena investors demanding much more from their asset managers, does this expansion in the client base come at a price?
7 Nov 2011
After decades of unrest, Iraq suddenly represents an exciting investment prospect for fund managers across the world. Three upcoming telecoms IPOs look set to bolster the country’s $2-3bn stock exchange as the opportunities just keep on coming
31 Oct 2011
Libya’s investment potential has stalled in 2011 as the country fought to resolve a drawn-out civil war. But as the sun sets on the old regime, there are opportunities amid the rubble for both fund managers and investors alike
24 Oct 2011
Current unrest in the Mena region is driving new opportunities in cross-border investment and a ave of special situations funds are ready to take advantage of market dislocations with a long-term view
19 Sep 2011
Islamic finance has soared in popularity in the GCC and this growth looks set to continue as even non-Muslims begin to see the long-term benefits of Shariah compliance
15 Sep 2011
The UAE’s ubiquitous new fund regulations have been widely discussed behind closed doors, but it’s hard to tell exactly what effect they will have on the local fund industry and the wider GCC
8 Sep 2011
Bahrain's fund industry has taken a beating in 2011, following a period of serious civil unrest. However, the country's Economic Development Board insists that its fundamentals are strong enough to survive the crisis.
22 Aug 2011
Commodities represent an attractive opportunity for investors but GCC-based commodity producers can offer much more than the usual basket of products. The time has come for global investors to reconsider the high-risk, high-return profiles of the GCC’s commodity producers
16 Aug 2011
For more than a year the financial centres of Qatar and the UAE have been implementing strategic changes in the hope of winning MSCI’s coveted emerging market status. But the decision has now been held back until December prompting mixed feelings on what this means for Mena