9 Dec 2011
M&A, News, Rasmala
Rasmala Investment Bank is not for sale, the company’s chairman, Ali Al Shihabi, has told Mena FM
26 Sep 2011
Job cuts, fund closures and three CEOs in four months; industry giant Rasmala is having a bad year. But what’s really going on in the company? Mena FM talks to chairman Ali Al Shihabi and industry insiders to set the record straight
13 Jun 2011
Dubai’s Rasmala has withdrawn its private equity after key investor Oman Investment and Finance Company (OIFC) raised concerns.
26 May 2011
Rasmala Investment Bank is winding down its retail brokerage operations in the UAE in a company-wide restructure, as co-CEO David Woods announces plans to retire.
1 Feb 2011
cuts, Dubai, News, Rasmala
Rasmala is set for a change following the resignation of its CEO, and rumours of impending cuts.
16 Oct 2009
Egypt, Launches, News, Rasmala
Dubai-based Rasmala Investment Bank has launched the Rasmala Egypt Equity Fund to house investments into securities of publicly traded firms on the Egyptian exchanges